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Leadership in ‘Team social work’

Leadership in ‘Team social work’

We are writing this in what feels like the all-consuming twilight of a lockdown Saturday night. Options are limited. One thing on our minds as we message each other about PFAN (this website), and our thoughts and feelings about parents’ expertise in the system, is a particular journey we took in pre-lockdown February. … We want to bring something about our thoughts on the idea of ‘team’, about the responsibility of managers in our human system that provides services to families, and about re-framing the notion of ‘leadership’ and ‘who leads’. The pre-lockdown travels to Birmingham gave us a wonderful opportunity to live that out in real time. In that photo is a mix of parent activists and managers. Unless you knew all of us, you wouldn’t know, nor should it matter, which is which, which brings us to the idea of team and togetherness … Read More

ATD Fourth World Presentation

On 25 February 2020, an exciting event launched a new and innovative parent partnership project for families involved with West Midlands.Read more

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