Uncovering the pain


Aguiler, J. 1981. Insider research: An ethnography of a debate. In D. A. Messerschmidt (Ed.), Anthropologists at home in North America (pp. 15–26).  New York,… Read More »References

Additional themes

Additional Themes arising from the Survey Results There were additional emergent themes not as common in the existing literature on experiences of child protection involvement.   … Read More »Additional themes

Doing Surveys

Online surveys are now in regular use.  Methodologies typically take one of two forms: (1) e-mail-based surveys in which participants are e-mailed directly and the… Read More »Doing Surveys


Some comments on our present knowledge of parental experiences of child protection 1. Suspicion seems endemic. In particular, suspicion of parents.  Invariably child protection means… Read More »Comments


PAR (Parents Advocacy and Rights) is a Scottish parent-led support group that supports parents with children in the care system, child protection, children’s hearings, and… Read More »Introduction