Consultation on Remote Court Hearings

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has asked PFAN to find out parents’ views and experiences of child protection family court hearings/ proceedings carried out remotely in England and Wales through the Covid-19 lockdown. The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory’s report will be widely published and sent to the President of the Family Division (who is responsible for family courts). The consultation is open from 10th September 2020 for 3 weeks.

We think it is important to make sure that the voice of parents is properly heard in this consultation. PFAN is dedicated to social justice for parents and families affected by the child protection system in the UK. We are doing this as a group of parents with experience of the child protection system ourselves along with our allies.

We know that this has been a time of unprecedented hardship. We are very sympathetic to the difficulties that parents who are apart from their children and families going through safeguarding will be experiencing. That is why we want to know and advocate for any difficulties, hardships, and wrongs that you are experiencing and to find if there are any benefits to remote hearings.

What we are asking is that if you have experienced child protection court proceedings since the start of March 2020 would you please consider participating in a small, confidential group chat where you would be asked for your views and opinions. If a family member/supporter/McKenzie Friend was involved in the hearing they can also join us to share their views. Each participant will be given a love2shop voucher for £20 towards their expenses.

To take part just email or send a text to 07385 830496   

If you want a chat to find out more before agreeing to attend a group or if you would prefer an individual interview please email or text 07385 830496

All of these chats to collect views will be done over Zoom. Any questions will be answered and support both before and after will be offered for participants. What we learn about your experiences will be shared anonymously as part of the overall consultation

Thank you so much.

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