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    PFAN thinks it is important to make sure that the voice of parents is properly heard. PFAN is dedicated to social justice for parents and families affected by the child protection system in the UK.

    1. The Way Forward:
      PFAN gathered parents’ views on problems in child protection and care and what needs to change. Read more
    2. Evidence to Education Committee Review 2024
      See the response to the government’s new strategy showing why it will worsen the risk-averse culture. Read more
    3. Survey of parents’ experience: Parents Advocacy and Rights have carried out an on-line survey of parents’ experiences of child protection and care. The results of this survey have been analysed by Gary Clapton and are available here. Please read this important survey
    4. Experience of remote court hearings: The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory asked PFAN to find out parents’ views and experiences of child protection family court hearings/ proceedings carried out remotely in England and Wales through the Covid-19 lockdown. The consultation was from 10th September 2020 for 3 weeks. Over 50 parents expressed an interest but not all were able to be interviewed or join focus groups. The interviews and focus groups were all led by parents with experience of child protection from PFAN
      See PFAN’s report here and the full NFJO report here


    Lived Experience

    Lived Experience

    Lived experience as a parent advocate speaking about the C P system and the effect of poverty in 2021 Francesca ... Read More
    Why we need digital inclusion

    Why we need digital inclusion

    Taliah Drayak's presentation on the 12 February 2021 to the United Nation’s Commission for Social Development during the Multi-stakeholder Forum ... Read More
    PFAN response to review of children's social care

    PFAN response to review of children’s social care

    Who we are The Parents, Families and Allies Network (PFAN) is a recently formed UK wide group bringing together parents ... Read More
    We Can't Afford Child Protection

    We Can’t Afford Child Protection

    By Andy Bilson emeritus professor of social work and Taliah Drayak, parent with lived experience of child protection, parent advocate ... Read More
    Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and Child Protection

    Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and Child Protection

    by PFAN steering group Writing at this time we need to acknowledge what is happening around the world. Anna Gupta’s ... Read More
    Leadership in ‘Team social work’

    Leadership in ‘Team social work’

    We are writing this in what feels like the all-consuming twilight of a lockdown Saturday night. Options are limited. One ... Read More