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Parental Advocacy and Representation: Learning from experience

    Video of webinar held May 3rd 2023

    PFAN has responded to the government strategy, Stable Homes, Built on Love, expressing our concern at the lack of new thinking without which the vicious spiral of increasing investigations and removals to care is likely to continue. However, we strongly believe that empowering parents through peer parent advocacy can and does make a difference to families and services where it is offered. This webinar presented experiences of parent advocacy in the UK and was part of the consultation on the parent representation element of the government’s proposals.

    Members of PFAN are involved in peer parent advocacy and we have worked with groups providing peer advocacy across the UK and for parents with a range of different reasons for involvement in children’s services.


    We have invited people to contribute from:


    • parents who as individuals provide peer support to those caught up in child protection
    • parents and allies who provide peer advocacy funded by children’s social care
    • parents who have provide peer advocacy through independent groups
    • parents who provide advice on services, policy, and strategy to children’s social care agencies
    • parents who campaign to transform the child welfare system
    • Parents from the International Parent Advocacy Network
    • members of the team working on the government consultation

     This webinar draws on this wealth of experience to provide information on different approaches to providing and developing peer advocacy and representation.

    Who should attend?

    The webinar was attended by parents, family members, and allies who have experience of providing or using peer advocacy and those want to learn from this experience.