PFAN carried out a consultation with parents in England and Wales involved in remote family court hearings due to coronavirus for the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.
PFAN found parents had poor legal representation and unjust and unfair hearings
See our press release and PFAN report Also see the NFJO Report
IPAN, International Parents and Allies Network have published their Toolkit for Transformation an online resource created for parent advocates and their allies  wishing to start a parent-led movement for change and the International Review of Parent Advocacy in Child Welfare.
PAR, Parents Advocacy and Rights, did an on-line survey of parents’ experiences of the care and protection system. Read Uncovering the Pain by Gary Clapton that tells the stories of parents involved in the child protection system and hear their voices More

Behind the Screen

Tammy Mayes' presentation to the ATD Fourth World UN Webinar “Behind the Screen: Grassroots Experiences Accessing Social Services and Education in a Digital World”

Monday 15 February 2021

Hello, my name is Tammy Mayes. I am an activist in the UK with ATD Fourth World, fighting against poverty and for human rights.

I am also part of the Parents Families and Allies Network (PFAN for short). At PFAN we are parents, social workers and academics all fighting for change in the UK child protection system and offering parent advocacy to families going through the child protectionsystem.

Last March, at the start of the first national lockdown, the UK’s Family Court System moved on-line due to Covid restrictions.

PFAN was approached by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory to carry out a consultation with parents involved in ... Read More

Our Birmingham Conference

ATD Fourth World Presentation

On 25 February 2020, an exciting event launched a new and innovative parent partnership project for families involved with West Midlands.Read more

Open Nest Conference

See details of the conference where PFAN was launched


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