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Parent Voices

PFAN has carried out a consultation to find out parents’ views and experiences of child protection family court hearings/ proceedings carried out remotely in England and Wales through the Covid-19 lockdown. This is part of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory’s consultation. A write up sharing parents’ views has been confidentially shared with NFJO and will inform their report.
We will share our report in the near future. More …
PAR, Parents Advocacy and Rights, did an on-line survey of parents’ experiences of the care and protection system. Read Uncovering the Pain by Gary Clapton that tells the stories of parents involved in the child protection system and hear their voices More

We Can't Afford Child Protection

By Andy Bilson emeritus professor of social work and Taliah Drayak, parent with lived experience of child protection, parent advocate and founder of Scots Mums Guide to Safeguarding and Child Protection

Child protection is spiralling out of control in a more of the same loop. Whenever it fails, we apply more of the same solution – more investigations so we don’t miss a child at risk; more children in care and adoption; wider definitions of harm; more and fuller procedures; more information sharing; more blaming of parents and of social workers; and so on and on. However, there is no evidence that our child protection system actually reduces harm to children.

The covid-19 epidemic faces society with a choice about how we do support families and children. It has disproportionately affected Black and Minority Ethnic groups and those in poverty ... Read More

Our Birmingham Conference

ATD Fourth World Presentation

On 25 February 2020, an exciting event launched a new and innovative parent partnership project for families involved with West Midlands.Read more

Open Nest Conference

See details of the conference where PFAN was launched


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