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transforming child protection
parents, families and allies together

Who we are

The Parents, Families and Allies Network is a UK wide group bringing together parents with experience of children’s social work, their families and allies including social workers, academics, professionals in health and education and others wanting to transform children’s services through better parent participation.

What we do

Parent participation is essential to combat injustice, undo oppression and overcome adversity. We promote participation through support groups, training, research & publications, and campaigns. We enable participation through promoting, developing and supporting parent advocacy and parent advocates.

Need Help

Being involved in the child protection system is frightening. If you need help go to our website’s help section where you’ll find some services offering help advocacy help and advice. What help there is varies widely depending on where you live, why you are involved and your circumstances. We will soon publish a database giving details by area.

What’s Happening

Developing Parent Advocacy for Children's Services in Northern Ireland

Developing Parent Advocacy for Children’s Services in Northern Ireland

Learn how to develop parent advocacy for children's services in Northern Ireland ...
Parental Advocacy and Representation: Learning from experience

Parental Advocacy and Representation: Learning from experience

Video of webinar held May 3rd 2023 PFAN has responded to the government strategy, Stable Homes, Built on Love, expressing our concern at the lack of new thinking without which ...
Parents and Professionals

Parents and Professionals

First Thursday every month There isn’t enough parent advocacy!
We hold monthly meetings to promote advocacy where parents and allies present what is happening in their area.
Join us to ...


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