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Child Protection Law

Here are some places where you can find advice or information on the law

Child Law Advice is operated by Coram Children’s Legal Centre. It provides specialist advice and information on child, family and education law to parents, carers and young people in England.

The Scottish Child Law Centre is one of only a few dedicated providers of free information on matters of law concerning children and young people in Scotland. It provides services throughout the whole of Scotland. It provides free expert legal advice and information about children’s right and child law in Scotland through their telephone advice line and email.

Scots mum’s guide to safeguarding and child protection gives practical advice on the Scottish system from a mother with first hand experience of fighting the system

In Northern Ireland the Children’s Law Centre uses the law to access critical services for children and young people and to challenge the discrimination and disadvantage suffered by many of our most vulnerable children. We provide a free legal advice service and legal representation for children and young people.

The Children’s Legal Centre Wales provides information and email advice.