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GranMa’s 5R’s

    They stand for: Respect Reciprocal Relationship Remedy and Recovery

    With all the talk of involvement, community coproduction, expert by experience, reviews on this that and the other time over, coming to the same ‘ol delays and excuses.

    Ever heard of KISS? Me Too.

    So keeping it simple I came up with My 5R’s.

    It came about after seeing 5P’s written on a board room wall and didn’t think was worth tuppence…  our voices as ‘reps’ or individuals those with lived experience’ often used and abused then caste aside. No Change.

     I hold my hand open on both sides; to the end users and to the service provider.

    By applying GranMa’s 5R’s we bring our hands together, joining both, actively facilitating change.

    Respect. Reciprocal. Relationship. Remedy. Recovery.   

    Right here.

    Right now.

    Repeat the above.