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Making the Most of Virtual Visits in a Time of Separation and Uncertainty

    Rise tips for life under lockdown

    In this Rise tip read about how a parent and his family contacts have become virtual and how he deals with it. I’ve been doing treasure hunts with my grandson hiding clues around the house and taking him on a virtual hunt using my phone camera under his instructions – he loves it!

    Since the COVID-19 shutdown began, my emotions have flip-flopped between anger at the system, understanding for the safety of my children, and sadness in not seeing them, holding them, playing with them and reading to them. I feel a sense of helplessness knowing that, right now, their well-being is absolutely out of my control. I hope that soon this nightmare will end. 

    So far, all in-person visitation with my children has been canceled. For weeks, I’ve only spoken over the phone with three out of four of them, since my eldest (5 years) is separated from his siblings (3 years, 1 year, and 9 months).

    At first, my only contact with anyone involved in the case was one of the transporters confirming that they were working on a schedule to FaceTime. There was no response from my case manager. Luckily, my girlfriend and I have a good relationship with one of the foster families Read More