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Severance is a feminist issue – Sue Robson

    Sue is a feminist activist and campaigner with over 35 years practical experience in community development work with women and girls. She is kinship carer for her 11 year old grandson and was awarded a PhD in Applied Social Science by Durham University in 2016. Sue is passionately committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and girls.

    Sue spoke at the Open Nest Conference,  because she passionately believes that the current crisis in the child social care system and the practice of entirely severing children from their birth mothers and birth-right are feminist issues and require a co-ordinated feminist response.  Her hopes were that the conference  comes up with some genuinely holistic responses to the trauma faced by individuals affected by adoption; whilst at the same time identifying and addressing its root causes and influencing changes in social care practices, policies and the law.

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    For further information on her presentation see this report.