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Supporting fathers involved in child protection services.

Tue, 16 August 2022

Webinar is about how we can support fathers who are going through child protections and care proceedings.

About this event

we have a great line up of speakers.

Dr Georgia Phillips(she/her) Lecturer in social work and sociology, centre for research on children and families.

In my talk I will share some of the main findings from two big research studies, carried out between 2014-2020, about fathers involved with child protection and with care proceedings. This will include points about fathers’ life circumstances, experiences and views, and about what our research recommends, for improving how professionals (including, but not just, social workers) work with fathers. Some of our research compares fathers and mothers’ experiences, in terms of what might lead to children’s services involvement, but also how professionals ‘see’ and respond to problems in men’s and women’s lives. Our research also shows that there is a big and urgent need for support services for fathers who have had children removed from their care, or who are at risk of this happening. The last few years have seen the growth of services and help for mothers who have lost children to care, but there is no equivalent support for fathers, and very little for couples. Overall, our research also shows how there are still big societal differences in what is expected of mothers and fathers – one idea to think about before we meet could be that fathers are still able to opt out of parenting, in ways that mothers can’t, but fathers are also much more likely to be seen as ‘optional’ to a child’s life.

we will also hear from our panel of fathers with lived exerience of the child welfare system.

we have

Thomas mayes,

He is a father of 4 children, with lived experience of the child proection system, He is also an activist for an anti- poverty charity called ATD FOURTH WORLD who fight against poverty, he is also part of ATD’S board of directors in uk n the international board.

Taurean Drayak

Taurean is a father of 9 children, ex-navy and a solicitor with 10 years PQE. His life was changed forever when a false accusation led to the removal of his daughter for almost a year.

also this is a link from georgia