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About this article

    A living document

    The article is the starting point for collecting evidence about what needs to change and how it can change. We have tried to keep the article short with links in the text that lead to evidence and with more information on key points in the right hand column.

    The initial paper has been prepared quickly for this journal but will continue to grow and change on its home on the website of the Parents, Families and Allies Network (PFAN).

    We have included some videos and audio files because not everyone wants to read long articles. We hope to improve and replace these where necessary.

    We hope that this can be a resource for anyone wanting to help us to move from child protection as it currently exists and to find a social work that we can be proud to say we helped create.

    Please join our network and help us on the journey

    The authors

    Andy Bilson is Emeritus professor of Social work at the University of Central Lancashire

    Taliah Drayak is a parent with lived experience of child protection, parent advocate and founder of Scots Mums Guide to Safeguarding and Child Protection and Administrator of the International Parent Advocacy Network